measuring a tree


More than ever, funders are looking for evaluations that set out not just input and output measures but that look for the impact of your projects.  The Plantagenet approach helps you to identify where and how you have made a difference.


We have found the logic chain approach to be particularly valuable (it may also be known as logic modelling or theory of change, depending on who you are talking to).  This structured approach starts from what you want to do and why.  It then helps you to decide what activities you are going to undertake, what inputs you need to do them and what the immediate outputs will be.  You then need to think through what the outcomes and potential impact of those activities might be, and finally how you are going to measure those outcomes and impact.


If done at the outset of a project or programme of activity, this process will help you to ensure that baselines are established and data is collected from the outset.  It also gives you a framework within which to demonstrate that you have done what you set out to do.


The approach can be applied later in the project or programme, with certain success, although going back to find missing data and baselines can be complex and consequently expensive!