flood data


You’ve got a lovely big data file, but what does it all mean?  We can help you sort out what is important—we are not afraid of the technical concepts like confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, and having taken that into account, can give you real results that mean something.  We have SPSS for those large and unwieldy data files, as well as Excel for more accessible data manipulation.


We won’t chuck phrases at you like data mining, predictive analytics and Big Data – that's jargon.  If you ask us about any of them, we will be happy to explain their use and when they are relevant.  Overall they are not particularly our scene, and if you are looking at Plantagenet Consulting, it is probably not what you are after either!  We will do what we can with the data you share with us, as required, give you ideas on how to improve its collection and management, and will help you to interpret it as well.


We have designed management information systems for small organisations, to help regular data collation and presentation flows, and provided support for those systems.  Do contact us if this of interest to you.